Szaki Cakes




From the very beginning
Szaki Cakes declares a 100% satisfaction garantee
for all its products!

freshly baked chimney cakes
According to our policy,
the most important to deal with satisfied customers,
satisfied with the product and with the services.


-we bake one of the finest chimneycake from the best ingredients, so our customers should always be satisfied and hopefully recommend us!

-we act immediately and solve any problem if it would occur to keep our customers satisfaction , we bake another one, replace it, pay it back, we offer the best solutiondue to customers wish!

For our freshly-consumed products:

Chimney cake, ice-cream filled chimneycake, cinnamon almonds and hazelnuts or any other product, we will immediately replace, bake fresh or return the price. Did you mean other flavoring? Would you like to have it baked more crispy or less?

Please tell our colleague and he or she will fulfill your wish!

Not satisfied with the serving? Our colleagues were not helpful enough? In this case, please call one of the two phone numbers provided here and we will guarantee to compensate you the same day! +36 30 601 0000

At home delivery:

If they made a mistake on your order or you have a problem with the quality of the product, please let us know and we will deliver another one for free!

Is the carrier late? Was him or her grumpy? Please write us your complaint to [email protected] e-mail address and we will forward your letter to our delivery partner!

,,We hear from many of our returning customers that they have never eaten such a delicious chimneycake!”